what's up, ketchup?

What's been happening lately. So many goodies!! Yannapot turned ONE, time flies soooo fast. Please Stop!!

I have another little person growing inside my belly!! year of the Dragon!

Can't wait for christmas! roadtrips here we come.

Work hard,save harder. Playing comes later in life I guess

New business, new goals, new direction. Help me God

Love life.:)


Best things in life are free.:)


Where are the so lovely parks when I need one



Yanna is already 6 months!! Time flies zooom zooom zoooooom!! We started eating solids. I prepare all her meals,potaoes,sweet potatoes and squash.

She can roll and roll and rol,she can also sit now,soon she'll be walking!

I started working full time now. Juggling mommy duties,work and of course "me time". It's hard since I don't really have a reliable help as of now. But, all is good,just enjoying and learning how to be the best mommy,wife,businesswoman,artist and home keeper.:)



Year of the bibbit 2011
I had the most memorable 2010

* birth of Yanna, the precious bundle of joy that made life more meaningful
* being a wife and a mother after years of solo backpacking and carefree days
* running a household and working at the same time,thinking of the day's menu and making sure that everything is well kept.
* the year that had the most changes.

Punch list of what's in store.

* happy family
* plan a trip (again)
* start a growing business
* Handle smart money
* diet,after 6 more months of breast feeding
* hair color
* start running again


My little baby Yanna is already 2 months old and 5 kilos. She's quite a character!!!

My world revolves around her now. Feeding round the clock and just making sure that she's growing up well.

Point I ponder.

* will I ever get my post pregnancy figure back?

* Being a traveller,a backpacker and an avid adventure seeker, having a baby toned everything down. I'm glad I've done it when I was still single.

* I'm going through a lot of new experiences now. Bad and good. I hope I will take this opportunity to learn and enjoy whatever I have now.

* I need to relax more and stop worrying about useless things that concerns me. I guess it takes practice to do this.:P




It's been 3 weeks since the final showdown of my pregnancy the birth of my precious daughter Yanna Patrice Ching.

The labor was PAINFUL but everything was all worth it. I cannot imagine how this little girl was formed inside my tummy. So prettty, so little..no words can explain how I felt.

I cannot imagine how a little baby could eat so much of your time, day and night. Every snuffle,sniff and grunt wake up the eager parents.

Feeding is done round the clock to ensure that she grows up well and healthy.

Sleepless nights

Indeed this life changing event makes me appreciate mothers more and more.

Unconditional love

Little girl Yanna,

Welcome to the real world. I hope you will grow up to be a strong,healthy and smart girl. I can't wait to spend more time with you. Don't grow up to fast okay?:)